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3WebApps stelt zich voor

3WebApps stelt zich voor: Petra

Wie werken er bij ons op kantoor? Wat is hun favoriete lunch? Hoe gaan ze om met Covid-19 en, het allerbelangrijkst, wat is hun lievelingsbiertje tijdens de vrijdagmiddagborrel bij Kompaan? 3WebApps stelt zich voor! Vandaag Petra, onze projectmanager uit Kroatië.

3WebApps stelt zich voor: Petra

Hey Petra, enlighten us! What do you do at 3WebApps? How did you get here?

I am a project leader, which means I communicate with clients, help them to sort out their Magento issues or develop their webshops further. I am also doing my best to keep an overview of all the work and divide it within the team, so everyone has something to do.

I studied languages and I never thought I would work in project management, but one thing led to another and here I am. Back in Croatia I worked for a digital marketing agency and their e-commerce department. After moving to the Netherlands, I was looking for a job in e-commerce sector again, ending up in the Magento world.


You HAVE to choose a break activity: playing darts, chat or go get some fresh air?

I’m very bad at taking breaks and I’m always looking for excuses to not go for a walk. I rather stay in office and chat with my colleagues.


Is there a day at the office that stands out to you?

There are a couple of days that I remember but if I must choose one, it would be the day when we were moving to the new office. It was a Monday and we had a very tight schedule. We needed to pack and empty out the old office, transfer everything into the new building, unpack AND prepare the workstations for our colleagues to come to work the next day. Quite some work for just one day, but we made it and it was a lot of fun!


What’s your favorite beer at Kompaan, our go-to bar on Friday afternoons?

I always order the first one on the menu: the Kameraad Kompaan 070. I get tipsy pretty quickly so it’s better for me to stick with the beers that have low percentage of alcohol..


Do you bring your own lunch? And what’s your favourite?

It depends on the day really, but I mostly take something from home and that is oftentimes whatever is left from last night’s dinner. My favourite lunch is still a simple toast with cheese.


What project has taught you the most?

I was not working with Magento before joining 3WebApps, so each project was a learning experience for me, especially since every webshop is different. It’s hard to name just one project as they are all unique and they all have specific issues with equally specific solutions. I like riddles, so the more complicated the issue the more fun it is for me.


Will you be going on a holiday this year?

I just got back from my summer vacations. I spent one week in Croatia (in Pula, my hometown) and one week camping on Texel. I had different plans for this year but, considering the situation, those had to be adjusted.


Tell us about your morning ritual.

It slightly changes per day but generally I wake up at 6:15 AM, eat breakfast and watch the news. From 7:00 till 8:00 AM it’s time for a workout, then I shower and get ready for work. On weekends I just sleep in and avoid having a routine.


What’s your experience with Covid-19? Could you name something good that comes out of this situation?

I have mixed feelings when it comes to working from home. On the one hand, I had more time to cross items off of my to-do list. On the other hand, it was hard not seeing my colleagues for months and only communicating via texts and video/phone calls. Currently, I am trying to go to office two or three days per week to be around my colleagues. I find this a good combination for the time being.


How many cups of coffee do you drink daily?

I try to drink one per day and then transfer to green or black tea. I think I’m way under the average comparing to other colleagues in the office!


What treats do you bring to the office when it’s your birthday?

So far, I only had one birthday at the office and I brought a (store bought) cake. Maybe next year I’ll have more time and bring a homemade one.


What would you like to learn during the upcoming months?

I am planning on doing the Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam before the year ends. Once I pass that, my next goal is to get a project management certificate.

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