Wie werken er bij ons op kantoor? Wat is hun favoriete lunch? Welke werkdag herinneren ze zich nog? 3WebApps stelt zich voor! Vandaag: Anna, onze projectmanager. Ze woont op moment van schrijven in het zonnige Valencia, Spanje.

Hey Anna, enlighten us! What do you do at 3WebApps? How did you get here?
I’m a Project Manager, so I try to organize all running projects and keep up communication with our clients. I’ve found the job ad on Linkedin last year, and here I am happily employed since last November.

You HAVE to choose a break activity: playing darts, chat or go get some fresh air?
I’d definitely get outside for a quick walk, in the end we all spend so much time sitting at the desk.

Is there a day at the office that stands out to you?
No, not really as I’m working almost completely remote. But we did go to the Webwinkel Vakdagen this year in Utrecht, that was a lot of fun!

Do you bring your own lunch? And what’s your favourite? 
I’m on the lazy side… so no! When at the office I always visit the cafeteria around the corner. They’ve got delicious fresh and healthy meals.

It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend just started. What’s the first thing you do?
I live in Valencia now so I can finally say: I’m going to the beach!

Talking about that: how’s Spain treating you?
It’s really great, I was always quite good at working remotely, as it’s easier for me to focus when I’m on my own. I’m enjoying Spain so much, and I feel a sense of belonging here. I’m lucky to live close to a food market and many restaurants: the perfect setting for a person who doesn’t like cooking 😉

What project has taught you the most? 
I think one of our French clients owning a big B2B webshop in rubber tiles. I like complex and challenging tasks, and also the shop language is French which I find interesting.

Will you be going on a holiday this year?
Yes, in September. The destination is to be be announced.

Tell us about your morning ritual.
I try to get up early and take my time before starting work. Usually I have a coffee, while sitting on the balcony. After that I go to the local food market to get some breakfast.

How did you experience the Covid-19 pandemic? Could you name something good that comes out of this situation? 
It’s a mixed bag to be honest. I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety due to the pandemic and its consequences. Luckily I never got ill with it.  The biggest advantage for me is the ability to work remotely as it allowed me to move to Spain. It was my dream for as long as I can remember.

How many cups of coffee do you drink daily?
Usually 2.

What would you like to learn during the upcoming months?
I’ve started learning coding and I hope I can keep it up. Next to that I definitely want to pass an exam for a project management certificate at some point in the near future.