Stop using custom Magento connectors. Use Ethereum based SuperAPI


Ethereum based SuperAPI: using BlockChain for connecting Magento to everything

We have asked ourselves: what is the new big pivot in the Magento world? And the answer is: we don’t know. It’s simple too difficult to answer this question. But, we do know that there are some problems that are screaming for a solution. One of these problems is the plethora of connectors: XML or CSV based interconnections between different platforms and Magento. For selling products via resellers’ webshops, or sales platforms like Amazon or, you need a connector. You want to receive product updates from your supplier? You need a connector. Dropshipping, external warehousing and order handling? You need a … yes, connector. In this post we propose a solution: Ethereum based SuperAPI. But first, let’s talk a bit more about the problem.

All these forms of integration are 1-to-1 custom connectors. Or at best these are centralised architectures with an aggregator platform in between. Many companies, like Channable, Koongo, ESS and ChannelEngine have stepped into this connector-market with a solution that provides a multi-connected centralised intermediate platform. But this is yet another platform to integrate with… again with some XML or CSV based connector.

Why is there no one-size-fits-all kind of solution?

Why does every single company need to reinvent the Magento-to-X integration wheel, by building some connector? All these different connectors, built as extensions, need to be installed and maintained to your Magento.

We propose a solution, that we call – modestly – SuperAPI. SuperAPI is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain was a solution screaming for a problem. In this case there is a perfect match with the problem screaming for an answer.

SuperAPI is a connector that is implemented once on Magento. It is also implemented once on the ‘other’ end of the integration. It provides the necessary interaction with the outside world: products, orders, customer information, payment information, etcetera.

How does it work? An example

SuperAPI connects Magento to Ethereum. Product and order information can be sent to receiving parties by this blockchain, and vice versa of course. You just need 1 connector, and all the world is connected.

In this way a product feed can be shared from  – let’s say – a Dutch webshop, to any other webshop or sales channel Worldwide. Another webshop in – let’s say – Japan, can choose to publish these products online in their webshop. And sell this product to customers in – let’s say – the US.

Via Ethereum the shop in The Netherlands receives the product update (there is one less product available on stock) and the order details. The sold item can be shipped from The Netherlands to the customer in the US. Payment is settled between Japanse webshop and US customer, and between the Dutch shop and Japanse reseller.

There is no necessity for any custom integration. And the order is neatly handled. This is a standardised, safe, fast and easy process, using the power of blockchain: decentralised and without a need for additional contracts and administrative overhead.

Are you interested in our Ethereum based SuperAPI?



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