MeetMagento Nederland 2019 (MM19NL)

MeetMagento19NL: are you a Subject Matter Expert on Magento webshops?

This year MeetMagento is taking place for the 11th time. That says something. In 11 years a lot has happened in ecommerce. A great lot. I will not try to explain why Magento -after all these ecommerce years- is still going strong, and is maybe stronger than ever. That’s just too difficult a task.

But Magento is there. And MeetMagento is too. This year in the beautiful Louwman Car Museum in The Hague. Thursday 18 April: a day packed with upgoing learning curves, inspiration, knowledge, case material, networks of people in the same line of work, forward pushing energy, technical feats and of course gezelligheid.

Some time ago we were wondering, at some obscure bar, what this year’s topic should be. And in a good-old-marketing-fashion we decided that an outside-in approach would be best to start with. So a small scale survey commenced.

We asked a few potential MM19NL visitors, about what they would like to see and hear. These people are of course using Magento already. Some are novices but also some are very seasoned in the field, using Magento for years. So we expected them to be confident and proud about their Magento webshop skills.

But we found something rather surprising…

Many respondents to our survey -owning or operating Magento webshops- said something like: “so I have a beautiful Magento webshop, but… what can I do with it?”.

Maybe it sounds a bit basic, or maybe even a bit strange to hear. So many people use Magento for their ecommerce core business, while the question is what it exactly is. But it makes perfect sense: the world changes really fast, and changes in ecommerce approach the speed of light. Magento evolves faster than ever. So for Magento newbies, and even for experienced Magento users it is a good idea to start from the beginning.  And of course we figured that it would be a good idea just to start from there: at the beginning.

MM19NL should help to understand what you can do with a Magento webshop. So… there was our surprising answer…

MM19NL is about: ”What is a Magento webshop, and what can you do with it?”. How do you become (even more of) a subject matter expert in Magento webshops?

A few presentations, so you know what to expect:

About Magento itself: Waldo Smeets will elaborate on why Magento & Adobe have teamed up a year ago. What is the added value for that? What will become of the developer’s community? Ray Bogman will explain what a Magento Subject Matter Expert is. He takes a deep interactive dive into Magento’s existing and new platform features.

About Magento in real life: Sander Lukaart reveals details on why and how the Magento shops of PostNL have evolved from ‘just’ Magento, to one of the first multi-national companies in the world to adopt PWA. Oscar Mannbro of shares all there is to know about their recent move from Magento1 to Magento2, bringing efficiency and customer satisfaction of to world class level.

About improving Magento webshop results: Dana de Koning brings you up-to-speed about the fast growing world of influencer-based social marketing. And Rudger de Groot will show via a number of real-life cases, how you can improve conversion rates of the hard-earned visitors to your webshop, by using data.

Will MM19NL cover everything? LOL…No! Of course not. There is so much more to explore and know about Magento, webshops, ecommerce, customers, blockchain, IOS/Android apps, B2B marketing, customer intimacy, price strategies, email marketing, applicable legislation, 3rd party sales platforms, etcetcetc… but we hope that MM19NL will help you to become a subject matter expert.

If not…we can always give pottery a try…

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